Life is always easier if you're in the right gear.

Rogue Valley Views

The following are some of my favorite photos of adventures I’ve had on bike during the last year.

This first picture was taken at Applegate Lake at Carberry Road in mid-summer, maybe early August.


Here is what it looks like in late February.


We actually packed our bikes on the back of the Durango and then rode around there this summer. This particular spot doesn’t have restrooms, but there’s a state park down the road from here about a mile and a half. We just hopped on the bikes and rode to the restrooms.

Below: This is one of my favorite roads: Upper River Road on the way to Gold Hill. I think I prefer this over the greenway to Ashland any day. Except, Ashland has some great beer and food mid-ride.


The next one is one of my very favorites. I’ve had people ask me if I photoshopped the railroad cars in. I did not. The photo is edited, but nothing was added or removed. I don’t have adequate software for that. This is taken along Gold Ray Road. The views of Table Rock are spectacular, but there are also these old abandoned railroad cars. I parked my bike in front of them and shot through the wheel with my iPhone. I mean, it would have been better if I was shooting with a Canon EOS D-series, but for an iPhone, I was very pleased with this. This was taken in February 2013.


Views on the way to Jacksonville, one lovely weekend day after school had already been in session. Southern Oregon September here:


The next few are views along Gold Ray Road on the way to Gold Hill.






My favorite cycling buddy, my son, is pictured next. We spent so much of our first year riding the greenway between Medford and Ashland together. That’s where this next picture was taken.


That’s probably enough for one post. I have so many photos of rides and adventures I’ve had when rolling out. When I’m at my saddest, getting on bike and pedaling out the blues is very effective for me. All throughout 2012, I battled cancer, dealt with one financial blow after another, and then dealt with heartache and rejection from someone I thought I might grow old with. I pedaled through it all. Even the bad days on the bike were great. When I had to climb the hills in the scorching heat of life, I simply shifted down and kept pedaling. It hurt at times. At times, I felt the burn and wanted to give up, but I never came off the bike. I mean this literally and figuratively. I seriously survived 2012 so wonderfully, because I pedaled out the pissy parts of it. (Of course, I had many friends and my children cheering me on and supporting me so wonderfully. They just made pushing the crankset around one more time, possible.) Getting my life in gear has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I’ll take the helmet hair and bugs in my teeth, and I’ll wear the spandex with padding proudly. This life I’m living right now? It’s not the good life, it’s the great life.

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