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I Won!

In my last post, I mentioned that I entered the giveaway contest on The All Seasons Cyclist blog for the Serfas Combo Kit. All Seasons Cyclist, reviews cycling products and then gives them away to the reader who can best articulate why they should get the gear. I’ve never, ever entered such a contest, but I took a stab at this one.

I already have a similar set up for my own bike, but my son, who also rides quite often, and many miles, does not. Initially, when we bought our bikes, my son and I planned to ride together. In which case, my kit would be sufficient should he have an issue on the road. Life changes and my son is now out on the road frequently on his own, with no ability to repair a flat should he encounter one. I entered the contest to win the kit for my son. After all, he needs it and his birthday is coming up soon. As a single mom, it is tough enough to keep myself in cycling gear, let alone, provide it for my son.

I’m thrilled to announce, that I won the Serfas Combo kit for my son! You can read the article announcing our win here. The box arrived in the mail and is safely tucked away, until September 1st, on which day, my son turns 18 and will open some new cycling goodies. Thank you, All Seasons Cyclist.

I really want that little multi-tool for myself! And the pump, accommodates both Schrader and Presta valves. Very cool!

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