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100 Days Challenge: Five Most Frequently Asked Questions

I’m now at Day 4 in the 100 Days Challenge. It’s not much, but prior to this, getting in one workout a week was difficult, and this week I just completed four. I’m pleased about that. I’ve also recruited a number of people at work and friends as well as my oldest daughter to participate. Of course, people always have questions. I’m going to try to address the most common ones I’ve received in this post.

Question 1: What is the 100 Days Challenge?

I addressed this in my last post, The 100 Days Challenge. Go there to read about it. There’s also a link to the website there where you can download a record-keeping form.

Question 2: Can I start at any time?

The answer to this is “Yes!” The original Challenge, was intended to start on January 1 of this year and go 100 days. I didn’t even find out about this until February 20, so I’m making that my first days. My last day will be June 1. My daughter is starting tomorrow. Her last day will be June 6. I’m sure that the creator of the 100 Days Challenge won’t mind at all. In fact, while reading some of his blogs posts at The Penguin’s 100 Days Challenge I found that even if you don’t do all the 100 Days in a row, you can keep track and put the missed days on at the end. I’m going for 100 in a row. By then I should have the exercise habit in place.

Question 3: If I workout for an hour on one day, can I count that as two days?

My take on this is that you can do whatever you want, but I suspect that is not the intent of the Challenge. The intent of the Challenge, as I understand it is to make exercise or some sort of activity beyond channel surfing a daily habit. If I operated on the premise of those asking this question, I would be able to go on one bike ride each weekend and fill in a week of days without working out on any of the days. That is actually what I was doing, and we all know that one really good workout a week isn’t going to move anyone closer to their fitness goals.

Question 4: What kind of exercise counts?

Actually, The Penguin doesn’t even insist on it being exercise. He calls it activity. Something, anything that you can do for thirty minutes that is more active than doing nothing. A friend of mine who is dealing with some serious health and physical limitations joined the 100 Days Challenge with me. She’s going to do upper body exercises while sitting in a chair for some of her activity. The other days, she’s doing water aerobics at her gym. I suspect that would more than count.

Question 5: Can I break up the exercise or does it have to be done all at once?

I think this is up to the individual. I’ve had to do both. I mostly like to get 30-40 minutes in all at one time and be done with it, but there was a really busy couple of days this week where I had to walk for 10 minutes, and then finish up the other 20 minutes later in the day.

One other thing I might add, for those who are concerned about exercising every single day, is that every day is not intended to be your most intense workout ever. If you regularly go to the gym for workouts, count those days, but on your off days, go for a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood. Do some yoga, floor exercises or use your exercise ball for some toning activity. Change it up.

I hope you’ll consider living more actively and joining in on the 100 Days Challenge. Just the accountability has boosted my level of activity. No more making excuses. I have to get up and get moving, for at least 30 minutes. I don’t always look forward to doing it, but I do enjoy having exercised.

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